Tips That Might Help You Out During This Holiday Season

If you're enjoying yourself this holiday season, I wish you continued enjoyment!  

For those finding it difficult to navigate through the season that's upon us, here are a few ideas: 

  • "Temper your expectations. The notion of the “perfect” reunion can set you up for frustration and depression.
  • Call a friend if the family setting becomes unpleasant.
  • Take heed of alcohol consumption. It may seem relaxing in the short term, but its physiological effect can compound stress and depression.
  • Set comfortable limits. Determine how involved and accommodating your plans should be well in advance, and make your limits known to others involved.
  • Reach out to those with whom you have healthy, nurturing relationships. Get together with friends if a family setting is not feasible...

There is no quick cure here, nor an easy method you can use to ward off holiday depression, stress or overeating. However, I hope that some of these things may be helpful to you during this [often] stressful and possibly upsetting time of the year".

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