Individual Therapy

**Please note: I am currently full and not accepting any individual clients at the moment (as of the beginning of March, 2018). Please contact me if you would like to be added to the wait list. Estimated wait time: 4 weeks**

Starting the journey known as therapy may be overwhelming, especially if you do not know the therapist yet.  Because the therapeutic relationship is so important, I offer a complementary 10 minute phone consultation as a hassle-free way of connecting to see if it's a good fit.  During that call, you can ask any questions you might like to know answers to.  Also, I will ask what brings you to therapy and I will share what I might be able to bring to the therapeutic relationship.  Together we can decide if it's a good fit to move forward, and if you need time to think about it, that's okay, there's no pressure to make an appointment.  

To give you a sense of how I work, I would like to share that my main approach to psychotherapy is drawn from Focusing Oriented Therapy, utilizing the Felt Sense Experience Model. One goal of this approach is to explore issues by connecting with them in a felt way. It is also important to only go as deep as it feels comfortable; I recognize that therapy is a journey not a sprint, so sometimes we have to take our time and move gently with issues.  My approach can be eclectic, meaning that in any given session I may draw from a variety of approaches depending on the need of the client and the issue at hand.

I may include elements from any of the following types of therapeutic approaches:

Gestalt Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Goal Oriented Therapy
Client Centered Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Focusing Oriented Therapy utilizing the Felt Sense Experience Model

If you have any questions at all, I'd love to hear from you.  Please get in touch via my "contact" page.