Marijuana Management Group - NEXT GROUP STARTS September, 2019

Working with my colleague Susan Raphael, we have just begun to offer a Healthy Marijuana Management group for teens and young adults. The group runs for 8 weeks and include a variety of strategies to assist in helping each member manage their use. We will provide psychoeducational information, a supportive environment and tools for the real world.

These groups are closed; therefore, no new people will join the group once it begins. These groups are small and will have no more than 10 members per group. This group is age-range specific and is set up for individuals in the range of 16-30 years old.

We accept participants at any stage of change with their use of marijuana. Therefore, you do not have to be abstinent. The only prerequisite is that you acknowledge that your use is in some way problematic for your life. If you’re wondering if you fit that criteria, we suggest checking the 12 questions found here.


My Focusing training has been with Focusing on Borden (FOB) and, therefore, Focusing-related groups will be listed on the FOB website.  I’m currently teaching an online winter course and I will be teaching a spring course with my Focusing colleague, Annette, so please see the Focusing webpage below for further information.


For further information on any group, please contact me.