Gaming Group

With my colleagues Jessica Zormann and Joanne Darrell Herbert, I work with young adults who experience gaming overuse.  Groups meet weekly for 24 weeks and groups may extend longer if there is a need.  To increase the sense of structure and predictability, these groups are closed; therefore, no new members can join the group once it has begun.  No start dates are pre-determined; groups form on an as-needed basis.

Gaming overuse can be very disruptive to your life, so if you are wondering if you, or someone you care about fits this criteria, you can either come in to meet with us for a complementary consultation, or first visit the criteria here: Symptoms of Gaming and Internet Addiction

Groups vary in size, but generally include no less than 4 members and no more than 11.  To increase each member's feelings of fitting in and belonging to the group, groups are age-specific.  

Social Anxiety Group

With colleagues Jessica Zormann and Joanne Darrell Herbert, I offer a social anxiety group for young adults. These groups are 10 weeks in length and include a variety of strategies to assist in helping each member feel comfortable, provide them with tools for the real world, and also nudge them socially when they might need it.

These groups are closed; therefore, no new people will join the group once it begins. Due to the nature of social anxiety, these groups are small and will have no more than 5 members per group.  To increase the likelihood of feeling comfortable and helping to foster a sense of belonging, groups are age-range specific.

If you're wondering if you meet the criteria for social anxiety, you can find some of the symptoms here: Social Anxiety Symptoms


**Currently accepting members in the Spring Focusing For Women Course**

My Focusing training has been with Focusing on Borden (FOB) and, therefore, Focusing-related groups will be listed on the FOB website.  I will be leading a spring course with my Focusing colleague, Annette, so please see the Focusing webpages below for further information.


Focusing Trainers and Focusing Oriented Therapists:

For further information on any group, please contact me.